Oct 14

Field Dressing Questions


Hey Remi, first let me thank you for all the great content. I've enjoyed everything you've been putting out over the years and the new podcast Cutting the Distance has been great. My questions are about file dressing and the gutless method, which I've been using almost exclusively for the past 5 years or so on my backcountry hunts. 1) The last few times dressing mule deer and elk, I've somehow opened up the bladder when trying to remove the tenderloins. This exposes the meat and taints one of the best cuts on the animal. Part of my problem is that each time this has happened, the abdomen on the game is swollen and I've found it very difficult to get in there and remove the tenderloins. Any tips? 2) My second question is about removing the jaw of an animal for European Mounts. I try to do this in the field, but it's always they last thing I'm doing with the carcass. By that time rigor mortis has set in and I find it extremely difficult. I typically skin the head in the field and deal with the jaw later. But on an animal like a bull elk, that's a lot more to carry. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marc

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  • Remi, Love Solo Hunter and am envious of the open terrain you regularly hunt. I'm in Northern New England hunting black bear. Normally I hunt over bait and have good success, but in years where I don't take a bear during baiting season, I do my best to still hunt in the woods. My best, frankly, sucks. So I'm wondering what advice you might have for me to still hunt black bears in the heavy woods of New England.
  • Hello Remi, I enjoy your show very much. I've been to NZ four times and have done plenty of hiking, but no hunting. I hunt deer, pig, and turkey here in California and now have the bug to go for Tahr in NZ. I keep in very good shape, but I am 60 years old. I will have several weeks available this upcoming January and was wondering if there was a guide service you could recommend. The link on this site doesn't work. The information on the net can be overwhelming. Thank you!

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