Sep 2

Saddle Hunting - Legit or Fad?


Gang -


So, here's the deal - I hunt a small piece of family land here in TX -it's just north of 100 acres and I think there are 2 serious deer hunters on it, myself included. We're working on managing it, getting cameras and plots running, all the good stuff. But, the north boundary of the property, right now, is a too wide/deep to cross creek. It's not seasonal - it's kayakable. Anyway, the banks are steep and it's unfriendly for crossing...mostly.


We own about 12+ acres on the other side of the creek and it butts up next to government land - and, let me tell you, it's pristine. I've been wondering how to hunt it with the access problem and not wanting to carry a permanent fixture over there. Just a short while ago I heard about and started reading about saddle hunting. It was like a lightbulb moment. Now, it's some expensive gear - about 400, minimum for the entry 'kit.'


I'm considering going the DIY option. I'm handy with a needle (sewing) and can probably manage to rig together something safe - but I'm asking; anyone have experience, thoughts, concerns?



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